An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Educational Resources

Resources for Adults

From the United Church of Christ, a new curriculum poses good questions for group study on the death penalty.

It contains a two-disk set of lesson plans and multimedia components, for up to nine 90-minute sessions or sixteen 50 min sessions – contains lesson plans, permissions, a reader and resources, plus videos.

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Resources for High Schools

Check out Death Penalty Curricula for High School. 1 Nov 2001. Michigan State University Comm Tech Lab and Death Penalty Information Center.

This received numerous awards as an educational website and selected by the American Bar Association’s division for public education to use with high schools.

Another high school curriculum aligned to education standards comes from Amnesty International USA’s Human Rights Education Program. It is The Death Penalty Resource Guide and works to dispel many of the myths regarding the Death Penalty and support for the Death Penalty.