An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Stopping executions

Clemency Hearings are held by the Pardon & Parole Board as a final step of the appeals process to stop an execution of prisoners sentenced to death.  When OK-CADP receives such a notice, we contact the prisoner’s attorney for advice on how we can best be of assistance and then proceed with contacts to the P & P Board, Attorney General  and/or Governor and attend the clemency hearing which is held at the Kate Barnard Community Corrections Center, Ted R. Logan Meeting Center, 3300 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Oklahoma City, 73111.

Often in our efforts to stop an execution an on-line Petition is circulated and then delivered to the Governor in person at the appropriate time.

Letters, emails, and phone calls need to go to the Governor and Pardon & Parole Board:

The Honorable Governor Kevin Stitt
State Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln, Suite 211
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Comment line: 405- 521-2342

Attention: Board Communications
2501 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 201
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

(Send a letter to each of the following members)
Mr. Larry Morris
Mr. Adam Luck
Ms. Kelly Doyle
Mr. Scott Williams
Mr. Richard Smotherman

Letters may be typed or handwritten on one-side only. Handwritten letters must be legible. Please do not use staples. Letters must include the offender’s name, DOC number, and docket month and year on top of each page and on the back of the envelope. In order to be processed and forwarded to the Board, letters or emails must to be submitted by 5 p.m. on the Tuesday one-week prior to the Board meeting.
(The docket month is the month of the P&P Hearing.)


FAX: 405-602-6437 EMAIL:
(Phone: 405-521-6600 – Website:

When mercy, clemency, or a Stay of Execution is denied and the state continues with it’s premeditated homicide we always stand in front of the Governor’s Mansion at 820 NE 23rd Street in Oklahoma City on that day at (time TBD) for a “Don’t Kill for MeProtest and then transition into a Silent Vigil when the execution begins until death is announced to us by the mansion guard.


  • Send letters for clemency to the OK Pardon & Parole Board Board when requested.  See instructions for letters, upcoming clemency dates, and Zoom webinar info HERE.
  • Contact Governor for clemency when requested.
  • Circulate & Sign Petitions when requested.
  • Stand with us in Protest and Vigil on Execution days