An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Public Education

Action Ideas:

  • Schedule an event for your organization, church, social club, neighborhood gathering, any & all. Contact us for more info.
  • Watch for Event Notices—publicize them via all of your personal & organization media and attend!
  • Download this “Facts About the Death Penalty” to distribute and discuss.
  • Donate to help fund a Billboard Campaign to educate the public about facts vs. myths.

OK-CADP Annual Awareness & Education Events:

  • Martin Luther King Day – January 21
  • Fall Peace Festival – in November
  • Paseo Labor Day Festival
  • Annual Membership Meeting & Awards Dinner—in Spring

Tailored Events:

OK-CADP regularly hosts Perspectives on the Death Penalty Panel-Symposiums.  We have speakers who can articulate the views about the death penalty from Prosecutor, Defender, Victim Family, and Faith perspectives.

 We will design an educational event to suit any situation—speaker, panel, panel-discussion, facilitated dialogue, film-discussion,  table resource-display.  We believe that civil dialogue is a pre-requisite for building understanding of the real issues, projected goals, and actual outcomes of the death penalty in Oklahoma.