An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Conscience in Action

OK-CADP is fortunate to have members and Board members who are Muslim, of no particular religious faith, and atheist as well as those who are of the Christian faith. All of these are valuable committed abolitionists.

There are many resources to be found that can be useful with any organization, mosque, or group through our links section. Please check them out and use them to help build the political will necessary to move our state away from vengeance towards restorative justice for ALL.


  • Sign up for Action Alerts. Watch for these Alerts and join us in them.
  • Initiate discussions about capital punishment via film, video, speaker, book or issue papers.
  • Initiate a resolution against the death penalty in an organization to which you belong.
  • Sponsor a letter-writing or postcard campaign to legislators (samples are available from OK-CADP)
  • When sanctity of life and/or justice issues are presented mention your opposition to capital punishment
    and reasons for it.
  • Schedule an OK-CADP speaker, film, or discussion facilitator for an organization to which you belong.