An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Sister Prejean asks students “what are you for?”

The University of Portland newspaper published a story about Sister Helen Prejean‘s speech on that campus recently.

Adviser to death row inmates challenges UP audience

Prejean asked many questions of the audience. For example, Prejean asked the audience to reflect deeper on the death penalty, which she said, is her highest hope for people who listen to her speak.

“What are you for: love or hate? What are you for: vengeance or compassion? What are you for: life or death?” Prejean said. “What are you for?”

Sister Prejean awed and inspired us here in Oklahoma as our 2009 OK-CADP Annual Membership & Awards Dinner keynote speaker. She’s brought many of us in Oklahoma to “think more deeply” about the death penalty with her visits to Oklahoma over the years. Take a minute to bask again, or for the first time, in her passionate commitment to abolish the death penalty.