An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

2012 in review

We cheer decline of the death penalty nationally!  Connecticut became the 17th state to abolish the death penalty, and the fifth state to do so in the last five years!  One more person was exonerated which is now 141!

Oklahoma was one of only nine states that carried out executions in 2012, which is the fewest number of states to do so in 20 years.   Shamefully, Oklahoma , Arizona, Mississippi and Texas were responsible for over three-quarters of the executions nationwide, that is 33 of the 43 executions in the US in 2012.

The Death Penalty Information Center’s “The Death Penalty in 2012: Year End Report (PDF), noted that the number of new death sentences in 2012 was the second lowest since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, representing a nearly 75% decline since 1996, when there were 315 new death sentences.

We have this one factor about which we can hold up our heads:  new death sentences in Oklahoma were zero in 2010 & 2011 and we think it’s accurate that we had only one in 2012.  This is a dramatic reduction from our past:  2003 nine, 2004 five, 2005 five, 2006 four, 2007 three, 2008 nine, 2009 two.    

OK-CADP exerted robustefforts to stop these six state sanctioned murders:

Jan 5—Gary Roland Welch — Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.

May 15—Timothy Shaun Stemple– May 13 News Conference;  May 15 delivered 3000 signatures on petition to Governor Fallin, Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.  Watch the video of the news conference here.

May 1—Michael Bascum Selsor– April 16 support clemency at Pardon & Parole Board hearing; Action Alert sent urging phone/letters to Governor ; appointment with Governor’s General Counsel;  May 1 Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.

Aug 14—Michael Hooper waived his Clemency Hearing, Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.

Nov 4—Garry Thomas Allen—Apr 12 News Conference;  6,000 signatures on petition to Governor Fallin; Oct 30 met with Governor’s General Counsel;  Nov 3 Clemency Rally at Capitol; Nov 4 9:00 a.m. All-Day Sit-in to speak with Governor Fallin, Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.

Dec 4—George Ochoa– Nov 16 support clemency at Pardon & Parole Board hearing;  Dec 4 Don’t’ Kill for Me Protest and silent vigil.

OK-CADP participated in these Public Awareness & Education events

  • Martin Luther King Day: Display-Interaction Table at Prayer Breakfast & float in Parade with sound system for broadcasting our message.
  • Human Rights Film Festival co-sponsored with Amnesty  International at the Downtown Library.
  • Annual Membership & Awards Dinner, with Richard Dieter, Executive Director Death Penalty Information Center, as keynote Speaker.
  • Panel of law enforcement, legislature, congressional candidate & OK-CADP following  Shawnee High School presentation of “Dead Man Walking”
  • Boley Labor Day Parade marchers & display-interaction table.
  • Paseo Labor Day Festival display-interaction table.
  • World Day Against the Death Penalty, Senator Connie Johnson & OK-CADP hosted Press Conference & Community Roundtable at State Capitol where the Oklahoma Conference of Churches presented new Theological Statement in Opposition to the Death Penalty.
  • Speakers at NAACP State Conference Workshop; OKCCC Justice Class; OCU Criminal Justice Graduate Class

Our projected emphasis for 2013 program year is to

1) initiate a strong advocacy drive for proposed legislation;

2) expand and strengthen our base statewide—especially with minorities, criminal justice professionals & conservative communities;

3) intensify our public education efforts; and

4) continue the low to zero number of new death sentences in our state.

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