An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Stopping executions

Clemency Hearings are held by the Pardon & Parole Board as a final step of the appeals process to stop an execution of prisoners sentenced to death.  When OK-CADP receives such a notice, we contact the prisoner’s attorney for advice on how we can best be of assistance and then proceed with contacts to the Board, Attorney General  and/or Governor and attend the hearing which is held at the Hillside Correctional Center, 3300 MLK Boulevard, Oklahoma City.

Often in our efforts to stop an execution an on-line Petition is circulated and then delivered to the Governor in person at the appropriate time.

Often letters, emails, and phone calls need to go to the Governor:

The Honorable Governor Mary Fallin
State Capitol, 2300 N Lincoln, Suite 211
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Comment line: 405- 521-2342

When mercy, clemency, or a Stay of Execution is denied and the state continues with it’s premeditated homicide we always stand in front of the Governor’s mansion on that day at 5:15 pm in a “Don’t Kill for Me” Protest and transition into a silent vigil at 6:00 pm when the execution begins until death is announced to us by the mansion guard.


  • Sign up for Action Alerts 
  • Send letters for clemency to P&P Board Board when requested.  Download instructions with addresses: P&P Board Mailing Instructions  (PDF)
  • Contact Governor for clemency when requested.
  • Circulate & Sign Petitions when requested.
  • Stand with us in Protest and Vigil on Execution days.