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Request from Sister Helen Prejean to Help Save Oklahoma Death Row Inmate Richard Glossip!

“I need your help in the fight to save Richard Glossip’s life. As you might know, Richard’s execution is scheduled for September 16 – a month and a half away from now. I firmly believe, along with many others, that Richard is innocent of the crime that sent him to death row.

We need to get a thick and fast stream of handwritten letters going to Gov. Mary Fallin right away. She has the power to grant Richard a reprieve from the scheduled execution. You can find a template for your letter on our new Richard Glossip webpage linked below.

Once you’ve written your letter, spread the word among your friends and family and in your churches. The more letters that Gov. Fallin receives, the more difficult it will be to ignore this innocent man.” – Sister Helen Prejean

On this site you will find information about the case for Richard’s innocence plus steps you can take to help save this innocent man from death at the hands of the state.

Award winning actress Susan Sarandon has joined the fight to save Richard Glossip’s life:

“Having had the incredible privilege of playing Sister Helen Prejean in ‘Dead Man Walking,’ I have watched Sister Helen fight for 20 years to stop innocent people from being executed. Now, Sister Helen and I urgently need your help, as you can see from her note to you below. Oklahoma is about to execute an innocent man, and the only thing now that is going to give him a chance to live is public outrage. Sign Sister Helen’s petition asking Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to give Richard Glossip a reprieve.” —Susan Sarandon

Richard was convicted of murder after Justin Sneed, the man who confessed to the killing, claimed Richard had hired him to do it, despite a breathtaking lack of evidence. Sneed got a life sentence in a medium-security prison, while the self-serving testimony that saved Sneed’s life sent Richard to death row. Please grant Richard a reprieve to allow his attorneys time to gather and present evidence of his innocence.

To send Richard a note:

Richard E Glossip
OSP, H-Unit
PO Box 97
McAlester OK 74502
To make sure the letter reaches Richard, you must have a full return address (including full name) on the envelope.

Thank you.

–Sister Helen Prejean


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