An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  - Gandhi

Protest at The Apothecary Shoppe in Tulsa regarding compounded lethal injection drugs

Members of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (MADP) are holding a vigil at the Tulsa pharmacy, The Apothecary Shoppe, 6136 E 51st Street to implore them to stop providing compounded lethal injection drugs to Missouri for their executions.

Michael Taylor is scheduled for execution by MO Feb 26. We need to help MO stop this OK pharmacy from carrying out their contract with their Department of Corrections to manufacture the pentobarbital for executions

Three MADP members are standing today, Thursday, Feb 6—4 hour drive from KC, KS–and at least one will be there tomorrow and Monday thorough Friday (Feb 10-14) during the hours the Pharmacy is open—9 am to 6 pm.

Compounded drugs are not FDA-approved and have not been evaluated for effectiveness and safety. They are made-to-order. Each batch is unique. If one batch is potent and works well it doesn’t mean a different batch will. Compounded drugs have caused many severe safety problems in the last decade, including a recent contaminated batch of steroid injections that killed more than 50 people and sickened more than 700 others.

Could anyone car-pool or van to Tulsa one day next week?! We can go on Tuesday or Thursday. Please email or call me 948-1103 with a yes.

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Here is a link to the MADP press release

Lydia Gill Polley
Former OK-CADP co-chair